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Statecraft IR is compatible with small classes under 20 students and for large classes up to 600 students. It’s an exciting and effective way to create an active learning experience in your course; plus you can use it 100% online to bring your remote class to life!

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Statecraft Simulations are used in 15 countries at over 300 universities

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Uplevel Your Course

  • Engage students who are digital natives with an online mobile-compatible Simulation
  • Save time with teacher tools like team assignments and grading
  • Game-like features incite fun and spark creativity
  • Students experience first-hand the drama and excitement of international politics
  • Active learning allows students to absorb difficult to understand course concepts
  • Teaches real-life applicable skills like leadership, negotiation and strategic thinking that help them be more employable
  • Promotes Academic Honesty because every Simulation scenario is unique so students must create original content for assignments
  • Easy to implement in classes of all sizes

Create immersive digital worlds where students experience world leadership

When students sign up for the Statecraft IR Simulation they’ll start by taking a Foreign Attitude Survey so that the system can group them into a country with other likeminded classmates. 

During turn zero they’ll configure they’ll personalize their country by choosing a name, their regime type and country attributes like “Green” or “Scientific” which will affect their country abilities and government constraints. They also decide on individual roles like President or Secretary of State and begin strategizing together. 

The objective of the game is to gather as many points as possible and cultivate the most impressive country the world has ever seen!


To gather points students can pursue a myriad of strategies: from avoiding conflict for domestic wellbeing to cautiously collaborative strategies that maximize economic synergies while carefully checking other country's imperial motives. It is possible that every country could get a perfect score and all thrive; however (just like in the real world) that rarely happens.


Each turn students try to achieve three types of goals: (1) Cooperative Global Goals that are shared with the entire world such as ending world hunger; (2) Competitive Country Goals for excelling in a certain area such as “Most Environmentally Friendly” or “Safest” and finally (3) Country Development Goals based on domestic factors such as citizen's health, welfare, environment, safety and education.

Domestic Factors

Every turn countries will produce resources students must decide how to invest; they’ll bump up against the classic “guns vs. butter” conundrum. They’ll also get a Quality of Life score that equates to points for their citizen’s health, welfare, environment, safety and education. Unhappy citizens riot! Unhealthy citizens die of famine!

International Factors

There are pirates terrorizing the world! Ice Mountain is melting and threatening to flood the entire globe! Should they participate in the U.N.? What about that crazy country over there trying to build a nuclear weapon? Both Simulation events and classmates create drama and excitement and demonstrate how intertwined a world truly is.

Statecraft creates situations were students are experiencing course concepts on a personal level. They’ll have questions about things like the security dilemma or the collective action problem in the Simulation that can become prime teachable moments.

Regardless of their world ranking every student will grapple first-hand the complex mix of international and domestic pressures that world leaders face, finishing with a much deeper understanding of International Relations.

"allowed my students to better understand abstract concepts"

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Leverage innovative technology to teach course concepts

  • 100% digital and mobile-compatible
  • The multidimensional program demonstrates over 50 IR concepts

Students are digital natives who love games!  
We hear stories of student Simulation fanatics from many customers; this teaching tool is fun for both students and professors. Students are immediately hooked by the game-like play and then they are challenged by a sophisticated program that teaches not only course concepts but also real-life applicable skills such as leadership, strategy and critical thinking.

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Engage students for successful, effective classes

Using a digital Simulation allows you to demonstrate course concepts in an active learning environment. Students experience global politics on a personal level so they understand and absorb your course material much better.

  • More engagement inside and outside of class
  • Greater class attendance and course popularity
  • Students develop real-life applicable vocational skills like leadership that make them more employable
  • Teamwork fosters social connections, friendships and a sense of community

True teaching & learning opportunities

Often students start with great strategic plans but lack the diplomacy to implement them. They may have errors like bad planning, not thinking through the reactions of others or poor communication. These failures are the true teaching and learning opportunities; as humans we often absorb lessons best when we get something wrong and experience the pain of failure. Fortunately, students can still succeed in the class even if they don’t “win” in the simulation. 

Lessons are applicable to real life situations

Students have more than enough resources and opportunities during the game play to make mistakes, learn from them and ultimately succeed in the simulation and class. That gives them a chance to learn important life lessons in a low-stakes environment and later apply their experience to truly important situations like the workplace.

"elevates engagement in the classroom"

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Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration and application

  • Deep understanding of International Relations
  • Better understanding of course material
  • Connecting knowledge to other knowledge, ideas, and experiences
  • Constructing knowledge
  • Relating knowledge to daily life

Cognitive complexity

  • Critical thinking
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Understanding the repercussions of strategic decisions
  • Reflective thinking
  • Effective reasoning
  • Creativity

Practical competence in real-life applicable skills

  • Pursuing goals
  • Communicating effectively
  • Demonstrating diplomacy, which translates to increased professionalism
  • Technological competence

Intrapersonal development

  • Realistic self-appraisal
  • Selfunderstanding
  • Selfrespect
  • Independent Thinking
  • Identity development
  • Commitment to ethics and integrity

Interpersonal competence

  • Increased camaraderie among students
  • Skills in conflict resolution
  • Capacity to defend point of view
  • Interdependence
  • Collaboration
  • Effective leadership and management skills

Civic engagement

  • Global perspective
  • Understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences
  • Social responsibility
  • Knowledge of citizens' rights and responsibilities
  • Knowledge of leadership challenges
Reference: Statecraft learning outcomes align with the Council for Advancement of Standards Student Learning and Development Outcomes:
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Know student work is authentic; Statecraft Simulations promote academic honesty

The unique nature of Statecraft Simulations means every class is one-of-a-kind and that makes assignments plagiarism-resistant. It’s practically impossible to outsource an assignment that requires students to reference their personal experience, unique class situation and the simulation innerworkings; that’s knowledge only they have! 

In the recent 2019 scholarly article The Statecraft Effect: Assessment, Attitudes, and Academic Honesty, through multimethod research design John Linantud & Joanna Kaftan concluded that Statecraft produced positive results on academic honesty. They also noticed that students are so engaged and interested in the simulations that they actually want to share their personal experiences in assignments. Students even feel increased confidence in their ability to complete assignments and to succeed in the class. 

Every Simulation scenario is unique

  • Statecraft increases both student engagement and academic honesty
  • Student's experience with the simulation qualifies them to answer course-specific questions
  • 94% of students stated that Statecraft Simulations provided incentives to “think outside the box”
  • Using Statecraft as a case study for prompts on abstract concepts was simultaneously course-specific and compatible with fundamental political science education

Students want to share their experiences

  • Engagement with the simulation and interaction with classmates increased their desire to succeed not only in the simulation and the class, but also their desire to express themselves about the intense experience of participation in the simulation
  • Student confidence in their own ability to complete the assignments grew
  • 97% of students agreed that Instructors should assign Statecraft Simulations to future students

Expect Amazing Results

  • Your students will be participating both inside and outside of class
  • Suddenly your students will be able to discuss course concepts intelligently and they'll have strong opinions that lead to interesting, dynamic class conversations
  • Statecraft Simulations promote academic honesty: since every Simulation experience is completely unique it’s practically impossible to cheat
  • Since students have to work together you'll see them form relationships even in large lecture classes
  • Beyond course concepts, students also learn real-life applicable skills that will make them more employable
  • You'll have fun watching all of the action; and you'll even save time with helpful teacher tools!

"instructors enjoy Statecraft as much as thier students"



out of 5 stars

Instructors rated Statecraft Customer Service 4.56 of 5 stars in the 2019 User Survey

Excellent Customer Support

  • You have help at every step of the process: from set-up to implementation and all the questions along the way
  • Both you and students can reach out to us directly at any time
  • Our customer support is available 7-days a week from 7am to 11pm; we try to answer fast and always get back to you within 24 hours
  • We’ll take care of student’s technical questions so that you just handle the political questions
  • Teachers who reach out and ask questions report some of the best overall Simulation class experiences, so we highly encourage you to contact us!

Costs much less than a textbook

Students pay


  • You assign the Simulation to students, give them the activation code and they purchase it just like they would purchase a textbook
  • Statecraft cares deeply about facilitating student learning so we keep pricing as accessible as possible

Work with experienced, world-renowned Simulation fanatics









At Statecraft we’re Simulation fanatics who have been building, playing and optimizing these Simulations for 10+ years. Over that time we’ve facilitated the success of over 2,400 course simulations immersing more than 78,000 students in the art of government and diplomacy. Statecraft simulations are now used in 15 countries at over 300 universities!

Student success stories fuel us and keep us enthusiastic! To promote learning for all, we founded the Statecraft LeaderMaker Program to donate simulations to K-12 classes in under-served communities. Read more about the LeaderMaker Program >>>

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